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A student wishing to apply for FAULisboa courses should meet the following conditions

Entrance Exams:

Drawing / Descriptive Geometry
Descriptive Geometry / Art and Cultural History
Descriptive Geometry / Mathematics

Minimum Classifications:

Application Note: 95 points
Entrance Exams: 95 points

Calculation Formula: High school average: 50% | Entrance exams: 50%


It is not necessary to present any prerequisites for applying to the Faculty of Architecture.

To access the Academic Portal you must go to and choose from the menu - NetPA / FENIX or simply go directly to / Your username / login and password are obtained the first time you enroll.

It is called ECTS - European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System - the European credit system that came into with the Bologna Process and is intended to measure the work a student spends on his course. With Bologna, a student must complete a certain number of credits in each of their respective areas of study (in their respective curricular units). The number of credits corresponding to the work of a full-year curricular year is 60 [DL 42/2005]. In the Faculty of Architecture, an ECTS credit represents 28 hours of student work divided over 20 weeks (ie during a semester, including assessment).

Registration without interruption between academic years:
· The enrollment in a academic year is compulsory through the Internet, in the Academic Portal of the student.
· Instructions for enrollment in a given academic year are posted on the respective office website.

Registration with interruptions for more than one academic year:
· You must apply for a Reinstatement, within the deadline, annually, on the website of the respective office

To get your password:

· NetPA:
You must go to your Academic Portal and select "Recover Password".
In the "Email" field, you must enter your personal email address that you have entered in your profile at the time of registration or in the "User" field.
You will receive an automatic message in your email. If you did not receive this message check your spam folder or go to the respective office. "

You must go to your Academic Portal and select "Recover Password".
Enter your username and the number of your identification document (Citizen's Card, Identity Card or Passport) to generate a new password.
The new password will be sent to the defined primary email.

Through the Academic Portal, you can access a set of information and online services, namely:

     · Consult your personal data;

     · Consult your cash position (tips, ATM references ...);

     · Consult notes;

     · Enroll in the school year;

     · Apply for exams;

     · Update personal data.

Registration is done in the respective Office (Graduation / Post-Graduation / Mobility) according to information published in the Portal.
The service is done by a system of passwords, with daily limit, being disclosed in the portal of the respective office.
To this end, you must bring:

     · 4 Photos;

     · Vaccine Bulletin with up-to-date anti-tetanus vaccine;

     · Photocopy of Identification Document / Passport

     · Photocopy of the Taxpayer Card

     · Pen "

 It is considered a worker-student, one who attends any graduate or postgraduate course at FAULisboa and who is in one of the following situations:

a) Is a worker for hire or for others, regardless of the employment relationship, in the service of a public or private entity;

b) Be self-employed;

c) Vocational training course or official program of temporary occupation of young people with a duration of six months or more.

d) Placed in the situation of involuntary unemployment.

The status is obtained at the Graduate or Postgraduate office and at the time of registration, one of the following documents (Minuta pdf icon):

a) Declaration of the respective service, updated, signed and duly authenticated with a white seal (or stamp), being a worker of the State or another public entity.

b) Declaration of the employer, updated, signed and duly authenticated with stamp or recognized signature, being a worker of a private entity.

c) Certificate or equivalent of the Regional Social Security Center, with the discounts made.

d) Self-employed persons (self-employed or self-employed):

· Copy of the declaration of commencement of activity issued by the Financial Services;
· Copy of the IRS declaration - Mod. 2 of the immediately previous year and certificate or equivalent of the Regional Social Security Center with the discounts.
· In cases of exemption, it should be, alternatively, delivered a declaration issued by the Regional Social Security Center, proving it.

e) Vocational Training Course:
Declaration of the sponsoring entity of the course or program, updated, signed and duly authenticated with a stamp or recognized signature, indicating the start date and its duration, as well as of its accreditation, in the case of students participating in vocational training courses Or official programs of temporary occupation of young people.

f) For workers in situations of involuntary unemployment:
Declaration of the Institute of Employment and Vocational Training, together with declaration passed by the Regional Social Security Center of the unemployment situation.

Deadline for obtaining the Statute:
It is compulsory to register as a student worker at the beginning of the academic year (at the time of enrollment / enrollment) to which the exams that they intend to carry out at this time are reporting.
The Worker-Student Statute can only be requested at the time of registration. Thus, students who become student-workers during the school year will have to wait for the next enrollment to obtain the said status. The same happens when the student, by lapse, does not present the supporting documents at the time of enrollment. The absence of any of the elements indicated above implies the non-attribution of worker-student status.

Cessation of rights by the employer:
They lose the rights enshrined in the Law when they do not obtain, use in two consecutive years, or three interpolated (article 10 of Law 116/97). By means of school use, the year traffic or the approval in at least half of the disciplines in which the Student Worker is enrolled (rounding, if necessary, by default).
In the year following that in which he lost the privileges set forth above, the worker-student may again benefit from them, as long as he requires it.


The legal regime applicable to student workers:
· Lei n.º 7/2009, of February 12;
· Chapter III of Law no. 105/2009 of 14 September;
· Lei n.º 59/2008, of 11 September;
· Chapter III of Law no. 23/2012 of June 25;


Statement of the Employer's Statement