Statutes of the School of Architecture

- Statutes of the School of Architecture;pdf icon

Fees table

- Tabela de Emolumentos;pdf icon 

Fees Regulation

- Administrative Fee Table, School Insurance and Fees Value(2015-2016);pdf icon

- Fees Regulation 1st, 2nd Cycle and Integrated Cycles;pdf icon

Previous academic years:

- Established fees in 2013/2014;pdf icon

- Fees Regulation for 1st, 2nd Cycles and Integrated Cycles (2013-2014); pdf icon 

- Fees Regulation for 1st, 2nd Cycles and Integrated Cycles (2012-2013);pdf icon 

- Fees Regulation for 2011/2012 (published in D.R. - 13 de abril 2012);pdf icon

 Internal Transitions Regulations

- Integrated Master´s in Architecture;pdf icon

- Integrated Master´s in Architecture, specialisation in Urbanism;pdf icon

- Integrated Master´s in Architecture, specialization in Interior Architecture and Rehabilitation;pdf icon

- Graduation in Fashion Design;pdf icon

- Graduation in Design;pdf icon

- Master´s Degree in Comunication Design;pdf icon

- Master´s Degree in Fashion Design;pdf icon

- Master´s Degree in Product Design;pdf icon


Decreto-Lei n.º 115/2013 de 07 de agosto (Chapter III - "Master´s Degree"); pdf icon

- 2nd Cycle of Studies towards Master´s Degree pdf icon

Despacho n.º 2950/2015 de 23 de março (Postgraduate Regulations of the Lisbon University);pdf icon

Despacho Reitoral n.º 59/2015 de 23 de março; pdf icon

Resolution Regulations;pdf icon

- Regulation of Education Achivement Evaluation (applicable since February 18th 2013);pdf icon

- Regulations of Course Changes, Tranfers and Reentrance Tenders ;pdf icon

- Regulations of Class Changes and Permutations (aproved in September 1st 2015);pdf icon

- Regime Change Regulation (aproved in March 27th  2012);pdf icon

- Regulation for Choice of Optional Curricular Units(updated: May 24th2012);pdf icon

- Regulation for Studies Regime at the School of Architecture from the Lisbon University;pdf icon

- Regimes de Precedências da Faculdade de Arquitetura (Presented on the 1st appendix of Regulation of 2nd Cycle of Studies towards Master´s Degree);pdf icon

- More than 23 years Entrance Regime Regulation;pdf icon 

- Directives for ECTS Credits allocation ;pdf icon

- Prizes for Academic Merit;pdf icon

- Regulation Relative to the Linking Scheme and Activity Assessment Developed in the Trial Period (published at July 18th 2013);pdf icon

- ULisboa Regulations for Entrance and Access for International Students ;pdf icon

- ULisboa Regulations for Accreditation and Curriculum Integration of Professional Experience and Academic Formations;pdf icon

- ULisboa Discipline Regulations for Students;pdf icon

Other FA-ULisbon Regulations